Message from the Principal


    For the past 93 years S.C.D. Govt. College, Ludhiana has led the cavalcade of education in the state of Punjab. The number of luminaries on the firmament of national life in all fields are too numerous to be counted.

    The college caters to a large strata of society seeking to enrich their academic life and provide education in the fields of Commerce, Science, Humanities, IT, at both Post Graduate and Under Graduate levels.

    Even more significantly, S.C.D. Govt. College does not limit itself to academics, sports and extra-mural activities, it strives to teach its students the meaning of Being. It strives to bring home to them that there is more to life than books: that the value of love, of care, of emotions and of human goodness is a bigger asset in this journey of life.

    I wish my students greater power to achieve excellence.

    Rajinder Singh